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Fitness Plus Health Studio started in 2011 in Velachery, chennai, pioneering in Health & Fitness. We feel proud & privileged to help thousands of people in Chennai to understand regarding health & fitness. We teach them in such a way that they enjoy their workouts, while getting fit with their diversified programs.
Fitness studio is exclusively for women, meeting all their needs in a personalized way & healthy out come. The main focus on aerobics and gym is to reduce healthy weight loss. We provide flexible timings based on your convenience. We offer personalized training and group exercise with well equipped gymnasium and refreshing ambience to boost your spirit along with certified and experienced instructor.
Music with exercise is fun to do as fitness routine, besides it helps weight loss, maintain body texture & also bring a healthy glow which in turn acts as a great stress buster and mood elevator.
Apart from the daily routine classes, we also have group early morning walks twice a week and walking on the beach sand once in a month. We know people join us for a reason, a season or for lifetime, so we are supporting every fitness aspiration with unbeatable flexibility.


Since I joined in this gym, it’s been very fruitful so far. I have regained much of my stamina and an active lifestyle that i have missed all these years. I could feel a great difference in my physical and mental condition. The training that includes both gym & aerobics is definitely great and would really recommend for many people. I really thank our instructor, our sir, who is extremely professional, very patient, always advising for our health and wish him all the luck for guiding and encouraging us thank you Sir!
                         - Shirley sweeti

I came to know about fitness plus through web site. In a month time after joining this course, I feel lot of difference in me. I feel active and fresh. I have increased my metabolism, stamina, and not feeling lazy. The centre is good since we do not only aerobics and gym but also include some other activities like, morning walk, beach walking and fun activities. This makes us get connected with each other too. Education on diet, health concerns help us to bring in correct regime into our regular life. This is my first experiences to this kind of course and thumbs up for fitness plus.
                                  - Sabiha

Fitness plus has helped to regularise my exercise routine. The place is very friendly and full of positive energy. I am very satisfied with the personalised training and guidance I get. It helps to boost my spirit and keep me refreshed.
                                    - Ketna

I have no idea of how good a gym would be before I join here. Now I feel the purpose of joining a gym and am glad that I have joined the right place. I am quite impressed by the training, flexibility and mentoring skills of the instructor. After I joined the gym, I came to know about benefits of aerobics. It’s very useful to me. Now I got very good stamina and flexibility. One more thing I got the idea for proper healthy food and it should be taken at right time. In this gym I learned not only the gym and aerobics but also lot of things especially health tips. Thanks for that and I hope I will be a healthy woman.

To tell frankly before joining this fitness centre, I was not aware of my health. Now I can proudly say what I gained from this fitness centre is the importance of exercise and how it helps our mental strength. The exercise gives a good impact in our life. Our body is bounded up of lot of muscles. Each part of the body have particular exercise this awareness i got from this gym. I wish good luck for this gym and should advise lot of people.
                              -Ambika BA.BL

Iam so impressed with the personalised exercises given by our trainer. I'm very comfortable with this place because its private and neat with well equipped gym .My health wise I m feeling lots of difference between before & after going to aerobics & gym training. I feel so healthy & flexible now. I totally feel that it’s worth joining here.
                              - Santhalakshmi

In march 2013, I started this journey in Fitness Plus. I knew I was in an unhealthy weight and had to do something to make a change for my life. From day one, trainer helped to guide me and educated me on my fitness journey. After 10 months, through aerobics and proper guidance of our trainer I lost 12 kgs slowly and gradually in a healthy way. I now live a healthier lifestyle. I put in hard work and now I'm reaping the benefits of new healthier and more fit ME. Thanks to fitness plus helping me to make my dreams come true.
*Believe you can and you're halfway there!*
                       - Dr. Nithya Dentist

II joined Fitness Plus 2 months back. I came here to tone my muscles and to keep myself fit. I am impressed with the facilities here and help of the instructor in aerobics and Gym. Within two months I feel I have toned and myself feel lighter. Thanks to fitness Plus and I am happy to be part of Fitness Plus family.
                       - Remya Ajay.

No :26, orandi amman koil Street,
Velachery Main Road,
Velachery, Chennai - 600 042,
Near: E.B office,
Mobile : 9884404014.

6AM to 9PM

( All Days )

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