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Fancy a walk on the beach?

Fancy a walk on the beach?

Walking barefoot on the sand isn't just fun – it's good for you!

What could be more relaxing than a barefoot walk along a sandy beach? Besides being a treat for the senses, this simple pleasure is actually a very healthy option that adds to the attractions of a beach holiday and can help make up for some of the tempting excesses of local food. To begin with, walking – whether on the sand or elsewhere – can improve blood circulation, making it a particularly suitable exercise for people suffering with varicose veins.

Massage your soles. If you walk briskly on the beach, you'll get the added benefit of the sand massaging the soles of your feet, which activates venous and lymphatic circulation. And if you're right at the water's edge, as the waves break, the sea water will massages your ankles, making the exercise even more complete.

Water walking. The water around your ankles is beneficial, but if you're willing to get a bit wetter,walk out until the water reaches up to your thighs. Walking at this depth, lifting your legs with each stride, is tiring, but it's fantastic exercise to strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Free exfoliation. There are beauty benefits, too, as the friction of the sand is a marvellous natural exfoliant. Walking barefoot will result in softer feet in no time, just like a home peel treatment!

Mineral magic. There's another benefit to seawater, too, as it contains minerals (iodine and sodium) that help prevent ageing – not to mention the fact that it's relaxing!

Wet or dry sand? Obviously, if you're right down at the water's edge, you'll be walking on wet sand. This is actually easier and takes less effort. But as you get fitter and start to notice the benefits of the water, you may want to extend your walks farther up the beach where the sand is dryer. Since dry sand is less stable and the shape shifts as you walk, it involves more effort. Remember that while this is good in terms of exercise, it also means there is a higher risk of injury, mainly to the ankle ligaments.

Fitness plus organized beach walking

  • Every month 1st Sunday .
  • Fee is 200/- per month
  • Starts at6.30AM from gym and return by 10.30AM.

Fitness plus members organized food party

Fitness plus members organized food party

Fitness plus members organized food party

  • What is the reason for organized food party?
  • It’s the time where all the members of the gym can meet and build friendship.
  • It’s held on 2nd Saturday of every month.
  • Each member prepares one dish.
  • Game Starts at Evening 5.30 pm to 8.00pm, followed by dinner.
  • Game winners have gift.

No : 01, Nattar Street,
Velachery Main Road,
Velachery, Chennai - 600 042,
Near:Dhandeeswaram bus stop,
Mobile :9884404014.

6AM to 9PM

( All Days )

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