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General Fitness

1. What does fitness actually mean?

    Fitness is not all about having bulging muscles, a small waist or being thin. It is the ability of the body to perform with vigour and alertness. Fitness specifically takes into account the muscular strength, cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular endurance.

2.How long should I workout?

     A high quality workout can be done in 45-60 minutes without any break, excluding warm up time.

3. What is the difference between weight lifting and aerobics?

     Aerobic exercises (bike, treadmill, elliptical, jogging, swimming) are exercises that if done for 20 minutes or more improve your heart health. Strength training exercises are exercises that utilize external resistance (machines, dumbbells, cables, tubing) or your body weight (push-ups, lunges) for 8-12 repetitions and improve your muscle and bone health.



  • Burns more calories per hour than weight training.
  • Builds little muscle.
  • Have minimal effects on metabolism in the hours after exercise.
  • Have greater effects on metabolism when workout is very hard.
  • Can be done every day
  • Needs to be done at least three times per week for sustained benefits.


  • Raises resting basal metabolic rate (BMR).
  • Raises the metabolism for several hours after the workout.
  • Should be limited to three or four times per week..
  • Builds muscles.

4. How many days in a week you should work out?

    4 days per week to maintain the weight, 6 days to lose fat and one day compulsory rest should be given for muscle growth ( The muscles helps to burn more calories).

5. Can I gain weight through gym?

    Yes, you can increase muscle and mass weight. And have to follow proper diet & exercise.

6. I am lean (slim), can I still do aerobics or gym?

    Yes, aerobics strengthens heart & lungs, gym strengthen bone and muscles. Thus everyone can do exercise.

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