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        A yoga practice can provide women with both obvious and unexpected benefits for the body, mind and spirit. yoga works every part of the body, offering movement in every direction along with stimulation of the organs, muscles and bones.
    It physically balances the body. It gives you literal balance, but it also brings balance into life and gives you perspective." while women who have been doing yoga for decades may find the need for days with rigorous work, as well as days for restorative poses. The practice evolves and becomes more complete as you get older and become a little wiser and more intuitive. Yoga also offers a strong sense of community.
    "In yoga, the community, or sangha, is very different from other communities. When you're in a class, you're stripping away layer after layer, and so is everyone else in the room, it's important that women support other women, rather than compete with one another.
    Standing poses, such as the Warrior poses, Virabhadrasana I, II and III, as well asTree Pose, Vrksasana, can help women find emotional and physical strength. restorative heart-openers, such as Fish Pose, Matsyasana, orCamel Pose, Ustrasana, to find openness and compassion, and laying postures, such as Corpse Pose, Savasana, and Child's Pose, Balasana, for a sense of grounding and ease. PMS is usually a strain on the nervous system causing irritability, bloating, headaches and heaviness in the pelvic region.
    "Some women say they never really wanted to admit they had a body and they never used it, yoga has given them that. It's opened up a new world for women who have never been in their bodies or have never even exercised."
    Women at every age can appreciate the beauty in their bodies that allows them to move, breathe and live. "My advice is just to love your body," she says. "I think that women think that there's something they should be that they're not. Just appreciate where you are and relish in it." 

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